Mercury website is easy to use and offers many features designed to help you book and track your consignments. Register online.

  • Job Booking: Online job booking is fast and simple. Regular users can select from frequent address listings or set the system to display a list of the last ten addresses that you delivered to. The job is booked live into our dispatch system.
  • Job Quote: Simply key in the details of your delivery and instantly receive a price for your job before it is booked.
  • Archived POD’s: POD’s including full signature, date, time and delivery details are archived on line for your viewing or print if required.
  • Job Search: Our site allows you to enquire about any job that is booked either online or offline and either live or from a previous date. You can search by a key word or job number or date. This facility also allows you to confirm prices on individual jobs before you receive your statement.
  • Statements: Our site allows you to view your statements online, we can even send you your statement online and you can pay your account securely online.
  • Account Management: We can tailor your invoice to suit your needs by department, date or reference to maximize efficiency in your account keeping.
  • Daily Emails: We can email you the price of your jobs as soon as they are performed so you can keep a track on your expenditure.